Salami & Chorizo

We proudly aquired the wonderful, award winning Severn Spots Charcuterie business in 2021 when founder Rich Harper decided to move to pastures new. Starting with his top 5 tried and tested  recipes watch out for exciting developments this year

air dried & ready to eat  BRITISH charcuterie

Handmade with the same highest quality outdoor reared pork we have sourced through the same producers for many, many years, and fresh locally sourced ingredients has undoubtably helped gain several great taste awards.   All our salami are made by hand and air dried  for up to 5 weeks, weighing in at around 220g our sticks are ready to eat and also bring that magical umami*  to heart warming winter casseroles, broths & stews


 * “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese

Tuscan  I  Red wine, Fennel, Pepper & Garlic

Sopressata  I  Chilli Pepper, White Wine & Garlic

Chorizo  I  Paprika, Chilli, Cayenne Pepper & Garlic

Peppered  I  Black Pepper & Garlic

Sweet Spot  I  Sweet smoked paprika, Oregano & Garlic


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