mighty Quin Scotch Egg

Barbecue Pork Scotch egg – Smoked, Sweet and Spicy, a large free-range hard boiled egg wrapped in course cut out door reared pork..
..what’s not to like?

This product has a restricted availablity
Mon 24th Feb to Sun 2nd Mar 2025
Mon 3rd Mar to Sun 9th Mar 2025
Mon 5th May to Sun 11th May 2025
Mon 12th May to Sun 18th May 2025
Mon 15th Jul to Sun 21st Jul 2024
Mon 22nd Jul to Sun 28th Jul 2024
Mon 23rd Sep to Sun 29th Sep 2024
Mon 30th Sep to Sun 6th Oct 2024
Mon 2nd Dec to Sun 8th Dec 2024
Mon 9th Dec to Sun 15th Dec 2024