Pies, Quiches & sausage rolls

Regatta PorkPies

traditional BRITISH

Pork Pies with quail egg centres

Taking inspiration from Penny’s orginal pork recipes to bring our personal twist to another perfect picnic treat.  Regatta pies give a further nod to our ongoing traditional food revival, mimicing the gala pie with the inclusion of a boiled quail egg tucked inside.

We have three standards always available and from time to time bring in a few guests from our extensive recipe book…


Classic  I  Straight forward traditional outdoor reared pork

PennyBlack  I  Classic with crumbled black pudding ( as photo)

Picante  I  Classic with Chorizo chunks

Further inspiration from Penny’s orginal pork recipes bring more twists to a national picnic favourite.

Jumble rolls, so called as we have various vegetarian recipes (theres even a vegan one too!)

Our ‘fab four’ are accompanied by many of their cousins varying througout the year..


Classic  I  Straight forward traditional outdoor reared pork

Scrumpy  I  Classic with fresh apple and sage

SmokieJoe  I  Classic with loads of smoked bacon

Vegetabularian  I  Our chickpea & cheese falafelesque recipe

traditional HANDROLLED sausage rolls – vegetarian recipes also available

Jumble Rolls

(aka Sausage rolls)

Munsley Quiche

three key, magical ingredients  Eggs, milk, butter

Way back then we very, very nearly followed the Handmade Quiche Co rather than the Scotch egg route, so as you can imagine these quiche deliver the same inspiration, love and flavour you would expect from Penny’s kitchen.

We have 5 standards and as always you can expect to find the odd twist or two when fresh seasonal ingredients just shout out to be used…


Tomato & Bacon  I the classic quiche lorraine ( as photo)

Roast Vegetable  I  Oven roasted seasonal vegetables

Sausage & Red Onion  I  deep hearty flavours, brilliant hot!

Spinach & Cottage Cheese I  bright green and full of  goodness

Broccoli & Blue I cheese lovers delight


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